S1E18 - Don't You Love When Games Give You Responsibility?

Should Your Kids Play?!?!?!?!!

Should Your Kids Play?

Shadwen is the story of an assassin named Shadwen and her small companion Lily. The two meet at a chance meeting where Shadwen saves Lily from a guard. Lily is an orphan and does not want to be abandoned so she accompanies Shadwen on her journey of vengeance to assassinate the King. However, if Lily see's you kill a guard or see's a dead body, it alters the storyline. So, how will you play?

This episode is an audio adaptation of the LevelUp Time YouTube Series "Should Your Kids Play." Important : All views expressed are my own. No outside entity has paid any money towards this opinion. Furthermore, opinions expressed in these podcast are not the end all be all. Podcasts are meant to be a helpful guide and assessment tool; individuals should still do their own research before purchasing a game.

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